Sunday, May 14, 2006


Miami 21

I am Sitting in the Cafetto, a coffee and internet cafe in South Beach, and for the past hour and a half I have been the only one pounding away on my key board. If the palm trees, 90 degree weather, and constantly beautiful people sitings were not enough, this coffee shop has driven home the point that I am now in a very different environment. Back in Boston and Ann Arbor I spent numerous Sunday afternoons with dozens of other people catching up on the Sunday newspaper, doing school work, and hanging out with friends. Apparently, the wireless internet cafe is not the place for such activities in Miami. Lesson learned.

Nevertheless, I am happy to be here. Miami is a very interesting place, and one that is starting to realize its potential as a great international city. Moreover, work at DPZ began with a bang last week as I was instantly thrown onto the Miami 21 project, which is a complete rezoning of the entire City of Miami. We unveiled the plans for the first quadrant yesterday to a very large crowd of developers, laywers, and citizen activists. Overall, I think it went well.

In short, Miami 21 is an effort to streamline and simplify the development process, while also creating a much more livable Miami for the future. To do so, the project is moving from a use-based to a form based code. To my knowledge it is the largest application of a form-based code. It is an ambitious project for which DPZ is the lead consultant, and a project that I will spend much of my time on this summer. You can read more about it here and here.

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